Commissioning Programs

Officer candidates choose from one of several paths to earn their commission, the official authorization that appoints them as a Marine Corps Officer.
Whichever path they choose, officers always advance. Both on and off the battlefield, officers lead the way with a sense of purpose and pride. The path
to earning a commission begins with your Officer Selection Officer (OSO), your best source of information regarding your specific circumstances. Your
OSO will also help you decide which career path is right for you. Once you've completed training and earned your college degree, you'll receive
your commission as a Marine Corps Officer.

Officer Candidate Course

Officer Candidate Course (OCC) is designed specifically for college graduates with ambitions to become a Marine Corps Officer. Candidates in this program attend a ten-week course at Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia. Those who successfully graduate from OCS receive a commission as a Marine Officer and are immediately assigned to active service and begin attending The Basic School.

OCS Options: PLC or OCC / OCC-R

You must complete 1 of the 4 following pathways through OCS to begin your journey to becoming a Marine Officer.

Additional Requirements

OCC Aviation

To qualify, you must be no more than 28 years old when commissioned. You must pass the Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB), be medically qualified for flight training and meet minimum vision requirements.


To qualify, you must have completed both your bachelor's degree and your law degree and be licensed to practice law in any state or the District of Columbia. You must complete OCS, and you will be paid for your time in training. You must achieve an LSAT score of 150 or higher. To learn more, click here and download the OCC Law Pathway PDF.

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