Physical Prep

The physical training program at Officer Candidates School is intense. Officers need the stamina and confidence to lead Marines
in physically demanding situations, and that preparation begins here. You will complete endurance hikes of up to 12 miles
in full combat gear, obstacle courses such as the elevated "Tarzan" course and combat conditioning.


Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

The CFT is a 300-point test with an emphasis on functional fitness related to operational demands. Males and females perform the same exercises but are scored differently, and adjustments are also made for age. Passing the CFT is an annual requirement for all Marines. Performance on the test directly impacts every Marine's career, as CFT scores are used to tabulate Composite Scores used for promotions.


Movement to Contact

A timed, 880-yard course that tests each Marine's endurance.

  • The maximum time for males is 2:45 minutes
  • The maximum time for females is 3:23 minutes

Ammunition Lift

Marines must lift a 30-pound ammo can overhead, until elbows lock out, as many times as possible.

  • The maximum score for males is 106 lifts
  • The maximum score for females is 66 lifts

Maneuver Under Fire

A 300-yard shuttle run that incorporates a variety of combat-related tasks, including crawls, carries, ammunition resupply, grenade throwing and agility running.

  • The maximum time for males is 2:07 minutes
  • The maximum time for females is 2:55 minutes