Officer Candidates School

The first proving ground for future Marine Officers is Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, VA. The mission of OCS is to train, screen and evaluate candidates, who must demonstrate a high level of leadership potential and commitment to success in order to earn a commission. Officer Candidates School training will be more demanding than any you've experienced before, regardless of commissioning program.

Physical Training

The physical training program at Officer Candidates School is intense. Officers need the stamina and confidence to lead Marines in physically demanding situations, and that preparation begins here. You will complete endurance hikes of up to 12 miles in full combat gear, obstacle courses such as the elevated "Tarzan" course, and combat conditioning including a 3.5-mile combat simulation course.

At the beginning and end of training, you'll take a physical fitness test that includes a 3-mile run, pull-ups and crunches. You are expected to maintain a high fitness level for as long as you are a candidate, and throughout your career. To achieve this, candidates train with their Officer Selection Officers before and after Officer Candidates School.

You need to first of all be physically prepared. Second of all, you need to understand it's going to challenge you.

Capt Zeb Beasley