When your son, daughter or student believes in something, it's your opportunity to show that you believe in them. A decision of this
magnitude deserves all the knowledgeable guidance you can offer. You can be the resource they need by learning more
about the Marine Corps and how other families approach the decision-making process at

Marine Corps Parents

Your students may walk the same halls, but each has a different path

You've helped develop their minds, but when it comes to picking a direction in life, not all great minds think alike. Students who are considering the Marine Corps count on the guidance of their teachers and counselors. We'd like to send you a copy of our Educator's Guide, so you can help your students decide whether the Marine Corps is right for them. Contact a Marine Recruiter for a copy of the Guide, or learn more about the challenges and rewards associated with becoming a Marine at

Marine Corps Parents

Speaking with a Marine Recruiter

Becoming a Marine is a life-altering decision, and it's perhaps one of the first adult decisions your son or daughter will make. The Marine Recruiter is not only prepared to answer his or her questions, but yours as well. Speaking to a Marine Recruiter will help you understand what it takes to become a Marine and what it means to serve as one.

Marines Parents

The Marine Family

When young men and women commit to the Marine Corps, their families become part of ours. Marine parents develop bonds with other Marine Corps families, united by a common pride and concern for their Marines. Together, Marine families are able to provide support and answer each other's questions. We invite you to explore how other families have approached the decision, read stories about life in the Marine Corps, download informative discussion guides and get the facts about what it means to become part of the Marine Corps family at

Marine Corps Parents

Built Upon Your Foundation

Behind every great nation are those who serve it. Standing directly behind them are the parents, teachers and mentors who supported them. There is no greater pride than when your children or students find pride in themselves. You helped mold them into who they are, and should they become Marines, you will be just as proud of whom they have become. Find out more about the set of values that strengthens the character of every Marine.

Marine Parents

Why do some stand?

Maybe the question shouldn't be why, but for whom? Few are compelled to serve more than themselves, willing to chisel their minds and bodies so that they can sculpt their nation's future. The path to becoming a Marine may start with selflessness, but inevitably it will lead to a lifetime of incomparable pride in oneself. If your son, daughter, student or friend wants to do his or her part, find out how you can become a part of it at