Parents & Mentors

When your son, daughter or student believes in something, it's your opportunity to show that you believe in them. A decision of this
magnitude deserves all the knowledgeable guidance you can offer. You can be the resource they need by learning more about the
Marine Corps and how other families approach the decision-making process.

A Decision Never Made Alone

Before the Marine title can be earned, the decision has to be made—to commit to a calling that puts service ahead of self, purpose above pleasure, and honor over ego. Becoming a Marine affects the entire family, and so it's a decision the entire family should discuss. As you prepare your son or daughter for the milestones ahead, consider your own transformation—from that of loving mom or dad to unbelievably proud Marine parent.

Straight talk with a Marine Recruiter

The best way to find out what it means to become a Marine is to speak with someone who serves as one. The Marine Recruiter is prepared to answer not only your son or daughter's questions, but yours as well.

Your students may walk the same halls, but each has a different path

You've helped develop their minds, but when it comes to choosing a direction in life, not all great minds think alike. As a teacher, coach or guidance counselor, your students may turn to you for knowledgeable advice about the Marine Corps. We'd like to send you a copy of our Educator's Guide, so you can help your students decide if the Marine Corps is right for them.

Video Resources

Watch as the parents, educators and coaches of those who've made the decision to become a Marine offer their unique perspectives in this extensive video collection

A Noble Calling

Foremost among the reasons many become Marines is the desire to make a positive and lasting difference for themselves, their communities and their fellow man. Parents, educators and coaches are drawn to the Marine Corps' ability to get the very best out of their sons, daughters and students, sharpening their identities and putting them on a path of self fulfillment.

Not for the faint of anything

The decision to serve as a United States Marine is not one to take lightly. You and your family must consider the realities of life as a Marine: serving more than self, the potential to see combat, time away from home, and of course, the immense challenge of completing some of the most demanding training on earth. The demands of service do not go unrewarded, however. There is nothing comparable to earning a pride few will ever know, having an impact on a global stage, and becoming part of a Marine family that lives by two words: Always Faithful.

Character our nation can count on

Few are compelled to serve more than themselves, willing to chisel their minds and bodies so they can help shape their nation's future. You helped mold them into who they are, and should they become Marines, we will build from that foundation a character that can be counted on for life. The path to becoming a Marine must begin with selflessness but will inevitably lead to a lifetime of incomparable pride.

A culture of continual learning

The qualities that make a successful Marine are the same that lead to success in the college classroom: discipline, drive, intelligence, and a constant desire to seek self-improvement. For this reason, enlisted Marines receive the encouragement and support to pursue their higher education goals, while Marine Officer candidates must earn their college degrees before earning the chance to lead Marines.