Specialized Training

In specialized training, each officer develops expertise in a Military Occupational Specialty. This training takes place
following your completion of The Basic School, and will prepare you for your role leading a platoon of Marines on your
next assignment. This map of specialized training locations does not include every school available to Marine Officers.

Flight Schools

Becoming a Marine Pilot is extremely challenging, competitive and rewarding. First, you must be an officer. You must also be a U.S. citizen. Intelligence, vision and physical fitness are all vital to become a pilot. If this becomes your path, you will attend flight school in Florida, where your specialized training will take place in three phases.

Pre-flight Training

Training begins with six weeks of basic aviation training in aerodynamics and turbine engines. You will study essential flight rules and other basic subjects that prepare you for your next step.

Primary Flight Training

Near the end of this phase of training, officers are selected to specialize in one type of aircraft: jets, helicopters, tilt rotors or turboprops.

Advanced Training

After completing Primary Flight Training, officers report to their designated Advanced Training Naval Air Station to train on specific aircraft. You will log actual flight hours in the cockpit and flight simulator hours. Once this training is completed, you are designated as a pilot or Naval Flight Officer.