Specialized Training

In specialized training, each officer develops expertise in a Military Occupational Specialty. This training takes place
following your completion of The Basic School, and will prepare you for your role leading a platoon of Marines on your
next assignment. This map of specialized training locations does not include every school available to Marine Officers.

Ground Schools

Ground Military Occupational Specialty schools cover a wide variety of roles, including Infantry Officers, Combat Engineers and Intelligence Officers. If you are assigned a Ground MOS, you will train at an MOS school to develop your particular expertise.

Programs last from 6 weeks to 24 months, depending on the level of technical proficiency. Most officers report to a designated Marine Corps MOS school, though some, such as Military Police Officers, attend a specialized school with their counterparts in other military branches.

Ground MOS Schools include, but are not limited to:

Infantry Officers Course

Training for infantry, ground intelligence and light armor roles

Combat Service Support School

Camp Johnson
Training for personnel administration, logistics, financial management and supply roles

Communications-Electronics School

29 Palms
Training for aviation command and control roles