The Marine Corps Takes Care of Its Own


Financial Security

Every Marine has the opportunity to live the American dream they help to defend. Earning a salary while you train and serve allows you to become self-sufficient and to provide for your family. After retirement, a Marine Corps pension can give you the financial foundation you need to embark on another career. During Service: While on active duty, you'll be compensated at the standard Marine Corps pay rate. You can expect regular cost-of-living pay increases, housing or housing allowances and annual uniform allowances. You will earn pay raises in conjunction with promotions and time of service during your career in the Marine Corps. Advancement allows you to grow as a leader as well as increase your sense of financial security. After Service: After 20 years of active duty service, Marines receive retirement benefits and a pension, which enables retirement at an earlier age than most civilian opportunities. Many retired Marines enjoy full civilian careers after service, knowing they have the added financial security of a Marine Corps pension.



Every Marine family makes a commitment to our nation. In return, the Marine Corps makes a commitment to every Marine family. The Marine Corps provides many benefits and opportunities for families not found in the civilian world, including full health coverage, access to on-base medical facilities, free on-base housing, monthly housing allowances, low-cost mortgage loans and educational funding. In addition to the support Marine families offer each other, they have access to services such as day care options, family-friendly base amenities, family counseling, deployment support and relocation assistance. As much as service in the Corps ensures the future of our nation, it also creates a better future for those who serve. Ours is a family that takes care of its own, in every way.


To be an effective force in our nation's defense, our warriors must not only be highly skilled, but also highly educated and financially secure. If you earn our title, we will invest in you—advancing your mind, your career and your future. Whether you remain in the Corps for a single term or for an entire career, you will retain numerous benefits earned by keeping this nation safe and free. Our title is earned, never given. However, those who earn it gain access to a range of benefits unequaled in the civilian world. The educational opportunities and financial incentives we offer make for a more capable warrior—and a more secure nation.

Marine Corps Benefits

The advantages of becoming a Marine far exceed a simple list of benefits: those who earn our title are supported by the Marine Corps brotherhood.  Tangible benefits include financial resources, family healthcare and insurance, housing and facilities, education, travel, vacation, and recreation.


Beyond Benefits

The advantages to becoming a Marine far exceed a simple list of benefits. Each Marine is supported by the Marine Corps brotherhood, as well as a range of personal and professional resources. Earning the title means one can forever call on the principles instilled in them, the Marines beside them and the commitments made to them in the Marine Corps.