Daily Life

The pride of becoming a Marine is only enhanced by the fulfillment of purpose that comes from serving as one. As one of the Few,
your schedule will be full, and your mission always fulfilling. Many nights are long and all mornings are early, but every day will begin
with the realization that you make a profound difference in the world.

Off Duty. Still Serving.

Most Marines live on base, but that doesn't mean they aren't part of the community outside the gates. Many Marines spend free time participating in charitable causes, air shows, sporting events and other community activities. They also find ways to mentor, tutor and provide assistance in local youth centers, schools, hospitals and other organizations. By becoming a Marine, you will be able to devote the values and skills you learn in the Corps toward helping others.


A Bond Like No Other

There are numerous places on base to unwind and many opportunities to refresh, but when the work is done, most Marines find themselves enjoying the company of fellow warriors. There is no tighter bond than that which exists between Marines. For those who train, serve and fight alongside one another, the brotherhood continues outside of duty as well.

Conduct Befitting
a Marine

When Marines are dismissed from the formation, they don't leave their standards behind. Marines are expected to act in a manner befitting the title they earned, whether in uniform or after hours. At all times Marines represent the Marine Corps, and do so with honor and pride.

Life outside of formation

Being a Marine is a full-time commitment, as those who earn our title are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting of a Marine at all times. But, this doesn't mean Marines are constantly locked at attention.

Marine Fit. Mission Ready.

Between the sun coming up and the bugle playing morning colors, it is the sound of runners yelling cadence that fills Marine bases and stations. In the Marine Corps, PT (Physical Training) is a ritual practiced by all, as commitment to fitness is just part of being a Marine. Regularly scheduled physical exercise ensures Marines are able to meet the physical demands of their missions.

Off-the-Clock Opportunities

Marines are exceptional warriors because they continually seek self-improvement, both while on duty and afterwards. The success of so many missions depends on the judgment of Marines, and Marines enhance that judgment by consistently gaining more knowledge. Because the best warrior is a smart warrior, the Marine Corps provides Marines with advanced opportunities to continue their education. Find out more about how the Marine Corps invests in its Marines.