Officer Selection Officer

As any Officer Selection Officer (OSO) will tell you, in terms of having a purposeful life, there is no nobler path than that
of becoming an officer. To be an officer of Marines is to always advance, both on the battlefield and in all facets of life. The
primary duties of an OSO are to screen those individuals seeking to become an officer to ensure they have the desire and
the leadership potential and are physically and mentally prepared for the challenges of Officer Candidates School (OCS).

The Officer Selection Officer

If you have questions about becoming a Marine Officer, your best resource for information is an Officer Selection Officer (OSO). Your OSO knows what it is like to serve as an officer in the USMC and understands the desire of those individuals interested in a career that offers a sense of purpose and an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. Your OSO has the experience and the insight to answer all of your questions and help you decide which commissioning program best suits your goals for advancement. Once you have made the commitment to become an officer, your OSO will guide your physical training regimen and prepare you for the challenge of becoming a Marine Officer.

After meeting with an OSO, if it is determined you have the basic foundation required for becoming a Marine Officer and qualify for OCS, your challenge has only just begun. Some have what it takes, others do not; the only thing that is certain is that you are going to be challenged mentally, physically and academically. If you succeed, you will be more than a leader, you will belong to an elite group of warriors known as the few and the proud—the United States Marines.


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