Facing Down Threats

Whether called upon to be first to distribute aid, or called to be the first to fight the forces of global tyranny, there is no better friend or worse enemy than a Marine Expeditionary Unit. These self-contained, forward-deployed forces remain ready to face down any threat in an uncertain world.

Natural Disaster

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

2012/New York and New Jersey

Hurricane Sandy slams into the shores of New York and New Jersey. Marines respond first—bringing aid, organization and much-needed manpower to the destroyed seaside neighborhoods. 

Natural Disaster

Pakistan Flood Relief


Marines arrive in Pakistan after the worst monsoon in 80 years floods the country. Much of Pakistan's frail infrastructure is paralyzed, leaving millions stranded without food, medicine or water. The Corps works with international forces to deliver aid and airlift Pakistanis to safety.

Natural Disaster

Operation Tomodachi


In this original Web series, see how Marines from the 31st MEU respond after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake triggers a massive tsunami off the coast of Japan. Through combat camera footage, follow the Marines during Operation Tomodachi as they deliver more than 160,000 pounds of relief supplies to those in dire need.

Natural Disaster

Operation Unified Response


See how Marines respond after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocks the small island nation of Haiti. Follow the Marines during Operation Unified Response as they restore order and deliver aid to the desperate Haitian people.