The Land We Love

Under a flag whose broad stripes continually expand, whose bright stars shine over even more homelands,
Marines are woven from the country they serve.

My Country Is My Mission

They come from all walks of life to defend our country's way of life. To prove they have what it takes to defend the land we love as one of the Few.

My Country

Why serve this country? Because whether you were born here, raised here or just got here—you are this country. For all this nation has given you, will you give your all? With great honor and immeasurable pride, perhaps you too can earn the right to call yourself a Marine and epitomize the country you will faithfully serve.

My Mission

Consider the choice before you. You can keep your hand over your heart as a loyal citizen of this country. Or you can raise your hand to also be counted among its faithful protectors. When you make your country your mission, you'll find that the mission never ends in the Marine Corps. In response to a natural disaster or amidst a turbulent uprising, against threats to peace and prosperity close to home, or against oppression in a far corner of the globe, as one of the Few, you will respond swiftly—and convincingly, as a United States Marine.

My Time

Who among your generation will stand up for America to guard its strength, represent its ideals, and pave the way for its progress? If you consider this country the land you love, consider this your opportunity to make a lasting and positive difference on its behalf. Perhaps there are obstacles in your way. Doubt. Apprehension. Comfort in the familiar and fear of the unknown. We can help you overcome what holds you back. Now is the time to make this your time. To make your time count. To see if you have what it takes—to take your place among the Few. The Proud. The Marines.


Protectors Of Our Ideals. Face Of Our Nation.

Ours is a title few claim. Earned not by birthright, but by rite of passage. Born not from privilege, but from persistence. To become one of us is to gain entry into a noble class of elite, ethical warriors, as those who fill our ranks define the land they defend.

Civic Bravery In Action

Do you have the courage to stand up for what is right? To stand against that which is wrong? To stand alongside those who live by our core values and are willing to fight for the people, places and ideals that make this country the land we love?

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Our Ranks Are Few.
Our Reasons Are Not.

Those who commit to a life of purpose do so for many purposes. To do their part for a country that's so much a part of them. To affirm that progress isn't made on the sidelines. To make a difference proving there's no better country, and no one more determined to fight for it.

Guided By Values

Guardians of the American values we live by, we fight for what we believe—because it's worth believing in. Through Honor: Integrity. Through Courage: Strength. Through Commitment: Faithfulness, to our country and throughout our Corps.

Much To Fight For. Few Who Can.

A raised right hand indicates you are willing. Determining if you're capable requires a more exacting test, a relentless process that will reveal what your all is made of. Our country doesn't just hope for the best. It puts its hopes in the best, in the Few that have succeeded through 12 weeks of trial and triumph. It is Marine Corps Recruit Training that sharpens character, instills standards—and forges warriors.