2012/Eastern Africa

Marine forces train the Ugandan People's Defense Force to defend against the warlords that have risen to power and destabilized the region.

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Female Engagement Teams

Making history while making a difference

The Female Engagement Team (FET) began in 2009 to help build relationships with Afghani women and children and gather information. The FET bridged crucial cultural gaps and successfully completed their mission in 2012.

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Female Engagement Teams

Toward Chaos

Responding Quickly and Decisively

Where chaos looms, the Few emerge. Marines move toward the sounds of tyranny, injustice and despair—with the courage and resolve to silence them.

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Toward Chaos

Many Roles
One Mission

Every role critical to success

All Marines have a specific role for which they are optimally trained in support of the overall mission.  And while each role comes with different responsibilities, the end results are accomplishing the mission.

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Many Roles One Mission



From our weapons and gear to our vehicles and aircraft, Marines bring what's required to accomplish each mission.

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Learn From

Meeting a Marine Recruiter

There is no better way to get a clear picture of life in the Marine Corps than with a knee-cap to knee-cap conversation with a recruiter who's served. 

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Learn From Experience


Ground Combat

For more than two centuries, the ground combat units of the Marine Corps have asserted combat power and established battlefield dominance.

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There are more Marines who serve in supporting military occupational specialties than Marines who engage in direct combat with the enemy.

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America's expeditionary force in readiness, the Marine Corps requires a flexible, responsive aviation combat element.

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