Facing Down Threats

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Whether called upon to be the first to distribute aid or called to be the first to fight the forces of global tyranny, there is no better friend or worse enemy than a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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Facing Down Threats

Many Roles
One Mission

Every role critical to success

All Marines have a specific role for which they are optimally trained in support of the overall mission.  And while each role comes with different responsibilities, the end results are accomplishing the mission.

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Many Roles One Mission

A Life Of Distinction

Make a career out of making a difference

The career path of a Marine is both rewarding and enriching. Whether it's as an Enlisted Marine or a Marine Officer, the opportunities to serve are as impressive as the choice to do so.

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A Life Of Distinction

Montford Point


Once the Marines minted at Montford Point were given the chance to prove themselves, it became impossible to deny that African-Americans were capable and deserving of the title "Marine."

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Montford Point Marines

A Bold Step Forward

Meeting with a Recruiter

There is no better way to get a clear picture of life in the Marine Corps than with a knee-cap to knee-cap conversation with a recruiter who's served.

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A Bold Step Forward



Becoming an Enlisted Marine requires the ability to meet the highest standards of moral, mental and physical strength.

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There is a distinct pride that comes with becoming, and being, an officer of Marines.

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Ready to supplement the active-duty forces when needed, the Marine Corps Reserve is critical to the Marine Corps' ability to provide a balanced, prepared force.

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