Stacey Taylor

Capitalizing on an Opportunity to Make a Difference

Stacey Taylor is a commanding officer over more than 1,100 Marines.  He feels that service is about making a difference in the lives of others and being there for his fellow Marines. And there's no better opportunity to do that than where he is now.

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Major Stacey Taylor

Community Impact

Making a Difference

Driven by an uncompromising sense of purpose, Marines are committed to helping others in their local communities.

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Community Impact

Pakistan Floods


After the worst monsoon in 80 years floods Pakistan, the nation's frail infrastructure is paralyzed. The Marines coordinate with international forces to deliver aid and rescue thousands.

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Pakistan Floods

Learn From

Meeting a Marine Recruiter

There is no better way to get a clear picture of life in the Marine Corps than with a knee-cap to knee-cap conversation with a recruiter who's served. 

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Eagle, Globe
and Anchor

An honor that is earned

There is no greater symbol of the Marine Corps legacy than the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA). The emblem represents the nation we defend, our global presence and our naval heritage.

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Eagle, Globe and Anchor

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