Top Physical

Officer Candidates must measure up

Upon arrival at Officer Candidates School (OCS), it is expected Officer Candidates be in close to top physical condition. Strength and endurance are continually assessed throughout their career with an annual Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Combat Fitness Test (CFT). Your preparation begins now.

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Top Physical Condition

Officer Candidates School

The proving ground for Officer Candidates

The highest level of leadership, a relentless commitment to success, the will to always advance —these are the qualities sought out in Officer Candidates School (OCS). 

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Officer Candidates School

A Title
Well Earned

The Mark of an Officer

The pinning of the 2nd lieutenant bars to your uniform states you've accepted your commission and symbolizes a commitment to your Country, the Marine Corps and the brotherhood of fellow Marines.

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A Title Well Earned

Community Impact

Making a Difference

Driven by an uncompromising sense of purpose, Marines are committed to helping others in their local communities.

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Community Impact

Be Well Informed

Meeting an Officer Selection Officer

Speaking with an Officer Selection Officer (OSO) will provide potential candidates more information about the challenging path and commitment that lies ahead in Officer Candidates School.

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Be Well Informed

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