Montford Point


Once the Marines minted at Montford Point were given the chance to prove themselves, it became impossible to deny that African-Americans were capable and deserving of the title "Marine."

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Montford Point Marines

Many Roles
One Mission

Every role critical to success

All Marines have a specific role for which they are optimally trained in support of the overall mission.  And while each role comes with different responsibilities, the end results are accomplishing the mission.

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Many Roles One Mission

Our Purpose

A commitment upheld with conviction

We Make Marines. We win our nation's battles. We develop quality citizens. And we continue to stand strong as America's expeditionary force in readiness.

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Our Purpose

Success Stories

Marines are equipped to succeed

Many prominent figures, entrepreneurs and community leaders attribute personal success to the skills, values and leadership developed in the Corps. 

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Success Stories

Service Options

Enlisted and Officer

Active or Reserve, enlisted or officer, as one of the Few, you will forever be known by the title you earn: United States Marine.

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Service Options

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