Montford Point


Once the Marines minted at Montford Point were given the chance to prove themselves, it became impossible to deny that African-Americans were capable and deserving of the title "Marine."

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Montford Point Marines

Semper Fidelis

Always Faithful. Always a Marine.

Latin for "always faithful," Semper Fidelis is more than the Marine Corps motto. Becoming a Marine is becoming the always faithful—true to the mission, to the Marines by your side, to the Corps, to your country.

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Semper Fidelis

Marine Corps Hymn

Known By Heart and History

Written from a sense of pride and sung as a sign of respect, the Marines' Hymn is the oldest official song in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Celebrating historic battles the world over, the Marines' Hymn is an essential element of Marine Corps culture.

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Marine Corps Hymn

Eagle, Globe
and Anchor

An honor that is earned

There is no greater symbol of the Marine Corps legacy than the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA). The emblem represents the nation we defend, our global presence and our naval heritage.

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Eagle, Globe and Anchor

A Life Of Distinction

Make a career out of making a difference

The career path of a Marine is both rewarding and enriching. Whether it's as an Enlisted Marine or a Marine Officer, the opportunities to serve are as impressive as the choice to do so.

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A Life Of Distinction


The Land We Love

Marines come from all walks of life to defend our country's way of life.

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National Impact

Our nation is ready because our Marines are ready.

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Worldwide Impact

When Marines land the world changes.

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