Graduation Day is the reward for every hardship endured, every obstacle overcome. The Eagle, Globe and Anchor is no longer a distant pursuit, but a distinct symbol of pride that will forever define a life of honor.

Graduation Ceremony

As the next generation of Marines march with their platoons across the parade deck and the American and Marine Corps flags are raised, the graduation ceremony begins. The Marine Band and All-Marine Color Guard perform in front of thousands of parents and families who anxiously await the opportunity to congratulate their Marines. The ceremony is not complete until each Senior Drill Instructor issues their final command and dismisses their platoon. No one ever forgets their Drill Instructor's next words: "Congratulations, Marines."

Marching As One—One Last March

There is a simple way to determine how many weeks a platoon has been together: watch and listen to them march. The longer a platoon trains, the more their marching becomes a case study in precision. After 12 weeks of living, training and enduring together, Graduation Day represents the last time they will march together. Each movement crisp, each boot hitting the deck in unison; it is the finest performance their families will ever see.