Marine Officer

From meeting with an Officer Selection Officer (OSO) to choosing which Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is right for you, discover the rigorous requirements to lead the few.

Marine Corps Career

The profession of arms is unique in its commitment to order, personal development and core values. Marine Corps Officers seek a balanced career within this noble profession through experience and education.

Commissioning Programs

Officers have several paths to earn their commission, the warrant that appoints them to the rank of second lieutenant. Whichever path they choose, they will be entrusted with leading Marines. The path to earning a commission begins with your Officer Selection Officer (OSO), who is your best source of information and can answer questions regarding your specific circumstances. If you have earned your college degree and are accepted into Officer Candidates School (OCS), upon completion of OCS training you will receive your commission as a second lieutenant.

Officer Selection Officer

If you have questions about becoming a Marine Officer, your best resource for information is an Officer Selection Officer (OSO). Your OSO will answer questions and help you decide which commissioning program best suits you. Once you have made the commitment to become an officer, your OSO will guide your physical training regimen and otherwise prepare you for the challenge of becoming a Marine Officer.