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Musician Enlistment Option Program

Marine musicians are, first and foremost, Marines. They attend the same 12 weeks of recruit training and must learn to be as precise with a rifle as they are with their instrument. After recruit training, they attend the Armed Forces School of Music. There they study music theory, ensemble techniques and improvisation before being assigned to one of the active duty field bands. In order to become a Marine Corps musician, you must pass both the Initial Strength Test (IST) and an audition. Only a few have what it takes to represent our nation as both an elite musician and an elite warrior.

For the few who have what it takes physically, mentally and musically, the Musician Enlistment Option Program (MEOP) presents the rare opportunity to serve with purpose while inspiring through music. Marine Corps musicians are internationally renowned for their standards of excellence in all genres and travel to hundreds of engagements yearly. They can be found performing for tens of thousands of spectators at international music festivals or for heads of state and diplomats at government functions.

To learn more about the MEOP and the enlistment incentives offered exclusively to Marine musicians, contact a Marine Recruiter. When filling out the form, please check the box for learning about musician opportunities in the Marine Corps.