BSRE pushes Marines to the limit

BSRE pushes Marines to the limit

Marines with School of infantry East, Co. K, participated in the Battle Skills Readiness Exercise, a three-day training exercise that allows for junior Marines going through Marine Combat Training to display the skills they have learned during the 29-day training cycle through practical application. Photo by LCpl Manuel Estrada.

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION NEW RIVER, N.C. (March 15, 2013) - Of the many pressures in life, there is one that Marines face on a daily basis. The pressure to perform, or to execute a plan exactly as specified is a prospect that most Marines use to drive them toward success.

Marine Combat Training is no exception when it comes to pushing Marines to their limits.

During MCT, Marines spend 29 training days learning valuable combat skills including the care, assembly and proper firing techniques of several weapons systems, constructing of fighting positions, and hikes with weighted packs to promote physical fitness.

The Battle Skills Readiness Exercise is a three-day training exercise that allows junior Marines going through MCT to apply the skills they learned during the training cycle.

"The BSRE has been physically challenging," said Pvt Dylan Donze during the BSRE for Company K, School of Infantry East. "We went out on a patrol and it was exciting to apply the skills we learned during training in a (simulated) combat environment."

During the BSRE, the Marines are required to dig fighting positions, conduct patrols, engage simulated enemy targets, and provide security for the camp.

Although simulated, the Marines receive a small insight into the world they may soon be living in once they reach the operating forces.

One huge factor in the successful simulation of combat is the combat instructor. These Marines operate with a squad leader mentality, providing a warrior-leader role for the students to emulate.

"We get out there and do the exact same things they are," said SSgt Joshua Newman, combat instructor for Co. K.

"We get right down there with them so they know what they need to be working toward," he said.

The way the Marine Corps operates, a Marine may deploy anywhere in the world at any time. MCT Marines might deploy right out of their military occupational specialty schools. The BSRE allows for them to gain some experience so they have a basic understanding of combat operations.

"My role during the BSRE is pretty rewarding," said Newman. "When the Marines perform to the best of their abilities and need little to no guidance, then I know the training they received during MCT was complementary to the higher standard that combat instructors hold themselves to." is the official website of the United States Marine Corps and is maintained by the Marine Corps' Division of Public Affairs.