New systems evaluated during wargame

New systems evaluated during wargame

Marines work at a Command Operations Center during a logistics war game aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on June 19, 2013. Over 30 organizations participated in the week-long wargame. Photo by PFC Samuel Ellis.

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. (June 19, 2013) - Intensity filled the air. Scores of laptops, some alive with fingers flying over its keys, others asleep, lay strewn across tables. Dozens of people purposefully rushed in and out of rooms. The seventh annual Expeditionary Logistics Wargame was in full swing.

More than 30 organizations including Headquarters Marine Corps, Second Marine Expeditionary Force, United Kingdom Army, United States Navy and Lockheed Martin participated from June 17-21 in the fictitious scenario at Geiger Hall aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.

The setting was one of humanitarian assistance after a disaster equivalent to a Category Five hurricane similar to Hurricane Sandy, said Capt Justin Kirk, operations officer for the wargame. More than 25 technical systems were being used and tested for capability and efficiency.

"We have a twofold purpose," said Capt David Mcgrath, operations officer for Marine Wing Support Squadron 274. "The first purpose is to validate the new systems. The second is to validate my command and control practices. This exercise also allows us to give an accurate opinion on the proposed systems."

The proposed systems are advanced technologies that are being compared to what is currently being used and tested for how they would work in a real-life situation.

"We want to improve the information sharing, organizations and the commander's decision cycle," said Kirk. "We also want to improve decision support which is getting more accurate and timely information to the commanders."

Along with the new systems, the participants used simulators to react to the information they received.

Logistics elements provide many services including supplies, services and communications. The wargame is a way for those elements, Marine Corps-wide, to evaluate and develop their reactions and technologies.

Each wargame builds on each other after review and considering the after action reports. Hopefully we can see greater Marine Air/Ground Task Force capability after this wargame, said Kirk. is the official website of the United States Marine Corps and is maintained by the Marine Corps' Division of Public Affairs.