Toward the Sounds of Chaos

Marines are forged in the crucible of training in order to face down the threats of our time at a moment's notice. To respond to a range of threats ranging from enemy combatants to natural disasters, Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) can prepare and move to action within six hours, enabling them to end conflict, instill order and help those who can't help themselves.

The new Marine Corps campaign "Toward the Sounds of Chaos" shows how Marines respond to crises around the globe. From the island nation of Haiti after a devastating earthquake, to the shores of Japan after an unprecedented tsunami, to the deserts of Afghanistan to face down the oppressive regime of the Taliban, the Marines stand ready and uniquely prepared to confront and overcome a spectrum of threats, wherever they occur.

In the newly launched web series, you can view first hand footage taken by combat camera Marines who were on the front lines of Operation Unified Response in Leogane, Haiti, Operation Tomodachi in Japan and Operation Moshtarak in Marjah, Afghanistan.

Watch as the preparation that began in recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego enables Marines to combat oppressive regimes and to provide aid to those in need around the globe:

  • In January of 2010, Marines from the 22nd MEU responded with Operation Unified Response after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the small island nation of Haiti. Follow the Marines as they restore order and deliver aid to the desperate Haitian people.
  • In February of 2010, Marines faced down the largest offensive of the war in Afghanistan during Operation Moshtarak. Follow the Marines as they drive the Taliban out of Marjah, effectively ending their oppressive, two-year rule of the region.
  • In March of 2011, Marines from the 31st MEU responded with Operation Tomodachi after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake triggered a massive tsunami off the coast of Japan. Follow the Marines as they deliver more than 160,000 pounds of relief supplies to those in dire need.

Watch the new commercial, "Toward the Sounds of Chaos," as Marines move toward the sounds of tyranny, injustice and despair. Also, watch highlights from all three missions in the web series video "Follow the Marines Toward Chaos (link to video in video library)."