Marine Corps to launch new holistic fitness program

GySgt Carlos Aguilera, a platoon sergeant with Echo Company, 1st Light Armored Battalion, and 31-year-old native of Los Angeles, works out with Ahlim, a linguist with Echo Co., using portable suspension training equipment during an overnight post here, April 26, 2012. After a rigorous day of patrolling or holding a vehicle checkpoint, the Echo Marines utilize their mobile gym to maintain the Marine Corps standard of fitness. Photo by Cpl Alfred V. Lopez.

A Marine with Combat Logistics Battalion 6, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward) participates in a pull-up challenge as part of a post-Independence Day field meet at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, July 5. The winning team of five Marines performed 216 dead-hang pull-ups in five minutes. Photo by LCpl Chelsea Flowers.

MARINES BLOG (May 30, 2012) — You may be physically fit, but are you MCFIT? The Marine Corps is developing a new fitness program called Marine Corps Fitness Improvement Tool to improve awareness of the total fitness of Marines.

A group focused on creating resiliency in Marines, convened by the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, created MCFIT to help Marines recover from the stresses and demands of both combat and garrison in a healthy, holistic fashion.

The program will include two phases, the first a paper-based questionnaire, the second a web-based assessment. MCFIT phase 2, which is still under development for launching at the end of 2012, will provide a more in-depth approach to fitness. All participation is anonymous.

The goal of the program is to create and analyze total Marine fitness to include body, mind, spirit and social fitness. Ideally, Marines should aim for fitness in all four aspects.

"MCFIT starts the conversation that fitness has more components than physical," said Greg Goldstein, future operations officer, Behavioral Health Branch. "This tool assists with providing Marines an understanding of their fitness levels and offers resources to enhance this fitness. It is also a snapshot of unit fitness levels during a particular time period. MCFIT is a tool for personal and unit assessment and raising awareness of resources available to marines."

The MCFIT program doesn't just raise awareness of fitness levels; it assists Marines in improving those fitness levels as well.

"MCFIT is designed to improve a Marine's awareness of his or her own total fitness and provide the resources for self improvement," Golstein said.

After Marines within a unit fill out Phase 1 of the MCFIT assessment, responses will be collected and the commander will receive a summary view of responses within the unit. These responses will be categorized and color-coded to represent the fitness levels of each Marine and the unit overall. The four zones are green, yellow, orange and red with green representing high levels of fitness and red indicating a need for immediate help.

This will provide commanders with areas for fitness growth within the unit and available resources to address those deficiencies. The program is not designed to assess a commander's leadership or performance.

For MCFIT resources, click here.


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