Fears conquered with confidence

Fears conquered with confidence

Recruits of Company G, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, get to the other side of the ditch using a rope to swing across it during the Confidence Course aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego April 16. Photo by LCpl Pedro Cardenas.

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO (May 3, 2013) - Recruit Training has many mental and physical obstacles that require strength, courage and commitment to accomplish.

Recruits of Company G, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, received a boost of confidence after conquering the Confidence Course aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego April 16.

The purpose of the Confidence Course is for recruits to realize what they can accomplish with confidence and self-assurance. It is a test of will, where recruits must learn to adapt and overcome.

"It is there to build confidence, to show recruits they can climb walls and their fears of heights. It's suppose to show them they can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it," said SSgt Dwaine D. Carlino, drill instructor, Platoon 2146, Co. G, 2nd RTBn. "Every Marine needs confidence, it is in a leader and it is a trait we are looking for and you can't succeed without it."

The course is designed to remove mental blocks and fears that can hinder mission accomplishment.

"Some people have a wall on their mind and once they push past that point they realize ‘wow I can actually do more,'" said Recruit Taylor D. Galbraith, Plt. 2142, Co. G, 2nd RTBn. "Having that mental mindset that you are going to get through all of it—helps you overcome your fears and realize what you can accomplish."

The Confidence Course requires strength, agility and endurance. Recruits have to climb walls, swing across ditches with a rope and weave over and under logs without falling to the ground. There are 12 obstacles recruits must complete in order to finish the event.

One of the exercises, known as stairway to heaven, requires recruits to climb up and over a giant log ladder. Near the top of the ladder, logs are set father apart to give recruits a difficult challenge.

Regardless of any fear of heights, recruits must make their way over. For some recruits, their fear stalls them. However, their fear does not exempt them from completing the obstacle. Recruits are required to adapt and overcome in order to progress to their next step in training.

Although the course's obstacles may appear daunting, they are designed to increase a recruit's confidence. With many more obstacles ahead of Co. G, an increase in their physical and mental toughness will assist them on their journey to becoming Marines.

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