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Marine Visits Hometown High Schools

By Cpl Francisco Martinez

MGySgt Kevin Buckles, Drum Major, United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, visits his alma mater and other schools in his hometown of New Orleans. 


From Virginia to Afghanistan, Marine develops his own legacy

The Marine Corps is filled with stories of young men and women looking for something different. They are brought together by a bond from the day they receive their Eagle, Globe and Anchor and officially earn the title of United States Marine.

Vengeance in Afghanistan

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469, "Vengeance," demonstrates the value of close-air-support in Afghanistan.

Faces of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit part 12 SSgt Jeffrey Perry, a motor transportation chief

SSgt Jeffery Perry is a Spartan. Or at least that is what Marines call him after experiencing one of his hand-tailored CrossFit workouts.

Marines complete first unmanned landing support in Helmand Province

Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 2, the "Night Owls," made history in May when they completed the first "hot hookups" between landing support Marines on the ground and a hovering Kaman K1200, "K-MAX," unmanned helicopter in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Marines, sailors hone machine gunning skills for Afghan deployment

Marines and sailors of Combat Logistics Battalion 8, 2nd Marine Logistics Group are slated to deploy to Afghanistan in the coming months, but they are not wasting any time preparing each and every member of the unit.

Combat Cargo takes on full-size responsibility

The Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group faces a full-sized logistical challenge every time they prepare to leave port. One team of Marines accepts that challenge and ensures all vehicles, supplies and personnel for ship-to-shore operations are embarked and ready to go.

Behind the scenes

Behind the action of the air and ground combat elements of the Marine Air Ground Task Force, is the command element that coordinates the vigilant ballet of war.

Police Advisor Team develops, mentors Afghan police

As Afghans assume more security responsibilities in southern Afghanistan, Marines are focused on training Afghans who want to protect their districts and villages.

TRAP mission prepares reservists for combat

The roar of the propellers above the helicopter was deafening. A screech rang throughout the hull, where eight Marines and the flight crew sat. 

L.I.N.K.S. provides insight to life in military

Newcomers to the military lifestyle are thrown into a labyrinth of unfamiliar customs, acronyms and a new community that works differently than any they were a part of before.

This is my life: LCpl Geoffrey West (Episode 3)

"This is My Life" is a video journal blog of Marines in Afghanistan, documenting their daily lives.

This is my life: LCpl Geoffrey West (Episode 2)

LCpl Geoffery West describes the intense conditions his unit has experienced during their deployment to Afghanistan.

This is my life: LCpl Geoffrey West (Episode 1)

This is my life is a video journal blog of Marines in Afghanistan documenting their daily life.

Life on a Patrol Base

PATROL BASE BURY, Afghanistan (March 21, 2012) — Their humble home is exceptionally primitive, but it's all the deployed infantrymen need.

Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force 12.2 Marines participate in crisis response training

Reserve Marines and sailors with Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-12.2 participated in familiarization fire and sustainment exercises with crew-served machine guns and non-lethal weapons systems, June 8-9.

Midshipmen participate in urban warfare training on Pendleton

Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp's (NROTC) midshipmen participated in urban warfare training during the Annual Career Orientation for Midshipmen Summer Training Program at Camp Pendleton, June 14.

Journey Through the Snow (Part 3)

On the last leg of our training, we had to leave Grouse Meadows and head up to Summit, almost 1,000 feet higher in elevation. We filled in the trenches and holes where our tents used to sit, packed up our gear and headed out

Journey Through the Snow (Part 2)

Our first few days were spent acclimating to the elevation. I had a really bad headache the entire first day. I talked to a hospital corpsman, also known as "doc," about it. Apparently my brain was expanding because of the decrease in air pressure.

Journey Through the Snow (Part 1)

I'm not an infantryman. I've never been part of a grunt unit. But, I'll be spending the next month with them in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Marine Corps to launch new holistic fitness program

You may be physically fit, but are you MCFIT? The Marine Corps is developing a new fitness program called Marine Corps Fitness Improvement Tool to improve awareness of the total fitness of Marines.

Pushing yourself to the limit

Working out. What does that mean to you? Is it an hour at the gym before work, a jog during your lunch break or swimming laps at the pool after work? 

Aviation Combat Element Keeps BSRF Aloft

Approximately 350 Marines and sailors with Black Sea Rotational Force 12 are well into their six-month deployment which includes training exercises with 19 nations planned throughout the Black Sea, Balkan and Caucasus regions.

Marines Remember Their Fallen at Belleau Wood for Memorial Day

Towered by a Romanesque chapel and flanked by 2,289 epithets of the fallen, U.S. Marines and citizens, along with French troops and locals of the town of Belleau, gather to honor the fallen at Aisne-Marne American Memorial Cemetery, May 27.

Helicopter Support Team conducts night operations via sling load

The calming shade of blue makes the water enticing under the intense Afghan sun, but the currents are relentless. When the Helmand River is too deep to ford while delivering supplies, the helicopter support team is called in.

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