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Kansas Marine Saves Life of Okinawan Days Before Christmas

By Cpl Rebecca Elmy

Honor, courage and commitment is what every United States Marine stands for. One Marine stationed on Camp Hansen took these values to the next level showing Marines are never off duty.


Recruits get warrior intensity with pugil sticks, bayonets

From the crucible to drill, everything a recruit is asked to do is for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is revealed by their drill instructors and sometimes it is left up to the recruit to figure out and understand.

Marine sergeant excels on, off duty

One Marine sergeant has distinguished herself among her peers at work and during her free time.

College students find out what it takes to be a Marine

More than 80 graduate students from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and 15 students from Johns Hopkins University took part in the Quantico Leadership Venture at Marine Corps Base Quantico's Officer Candidates School on Sept. 20-21.

Marines compete at TRX competition during Fleet Week

During San Francisco's busiest weekend of the year, TRX partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to host a service-wide competition on Marina Green during San Francisco Fleet Week 2012.

Marines Support Local Fire Authorities During Deadly California Wildfire Season

Whether they're lending humanitarian aid to earthquake-ridden Japan or protecting world citizens from tyranny, Marines are called upon to face down a wide spectrum of threats, often within a few hours' notice.

Female Marine Panel

Influential female Marines from different walks of life came together at the National Museum of the Marine Corps to take part in a panel discussing their experiences.

Female Martial Arts Instructor

Sgt Julia Henley, MCMAP Instructor, speaks about being a female Marine Martial Arts Instructor.

Women take on combat roles

Women Marines will soon be serving in ground combat elements.

3/7 and FET help educate local children

The Female Engagement Team and 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment has been conducting shuras or community gatherings in order to help the local population outside of Forward Operating Base Jackson, Afghanistan.

Master Sergeant James Clark, a profound patriot

Master Sergeant James Clark marked the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, terror attacks in a special way – he signed on for three more years of service in the Marine Corps.

Pendleton warriors compete during the Tactical Athlete Challenge

Warriors gathered at Camp Pendleton's Paige Fieldhouse to compete in the Tactical Athlete Challenge, Aug. 28.

Corporals Leadership Course: History and Tradition

At 23, serving as a squad leader during a fight against enemy forces in Iraq 2004, Cpl Jason Dunham led his squad into an engagement, then stopped to search seven Iraqi vehicles attempting to depart the area.

Marines search for hazardous materials

The detection and neutralization of hazardous materials is a mission the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit must prepare for and be ready to execute when called upon. Sgt Paul Robbins, Jr. shows us how the 31st MEU trains for this situation.

Marine Mechanics replace Humvee engine in Korea

Marines replaced an engine July 20 in Tonghyeon-Ri, Republic of Korea during the Korean Marine Exchange Program 12-7.

Marines strike FAST during training

As the smoke cleared in the small room, a Marine bellows "Room clear!"

Joint training puts the sting in Scorpion Fire

Marines with 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company and 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion from Camp Pendleton, Calif., conducted combined arms attacks with air and ground assets to enhance proficiency controlling fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft during Scorpion Fire, a two-week training evolution beginning Aug.6, at two training sites outside of Yuma, Ariz.

Attack helicopter Marines practice close-air support, Integrate with ground troops at Camp Lejeune

When a platoon of 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion Marines was pinned down on the rooftops of a small town by guerrilla fighters, a forward air controller called for air support.

Marine Corps shooting teams: Competition breeds excellence (Part 2)

The majority of the team's competitions occur midyear, between April and August. They compete in inter-service competitions such as the Army inter-service pistol competition at Fort Benning, Ga., and the rifle inter-service match at MCB Quantico.

Marine Corps shooting teams: Competition breeds excellence (Part 1)

A Marine stares through the rifle combat optic of his weapon at a target just 200 yards away. His finger rests lightly on the trigger as he breathes in slowly and steadily.

The Art of Military Bearing

Marines put a lot of stock in bearing. One of the 14 Marine Corps Leadership Traits is defined as: "The way you conduct or carry yourself. Your manner should reflect alertness, competence, confidence, and control."

Marines complete 7th annual memorial challenge

Running through the salty water of the Pacific Ocean with a 30 pound ruck sack, Marines sang cadence while sweat dripped down their faces as they ran the 7th annual PFC Ryan Jerabek USMC Memorial Challenge here, Aug. 11.

Patriotism reason for serving country

Love for country coursed through PFC Cody Mauro's, Platoon 2122, Company F, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, veins from a very young age and the best and only way he thought he could show it was by becoming a United States Marine.

1/1 Weapons, brothers in arms with ANA

On the edge of Trek Nawa, an area between the Nawa and Marjah districts, stands a small patrol base where Marines and Afghan National Army soldiers come together and work side by side.

From Virginia to Afghanistan, Marine develops his own legacy

The Marine Corps is filled with stories of young men and women looking for something different. They are brought together by a bond from the day they receive their Eagle, Globe and Anchor and officially earn the title of United States Marine.

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