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Amphibious Landing Exercise Unites Brothers

By SSgt Joseph Digirolamo

It is common for service members to travel all over the world by any means necessary to see family whenever they can.


Celebrating 100 Years of Marine Corps Aviation

This May, Marine Corps aviation will celebrate its 100th birthday.

Marines conduct night helicopter raid

‘Train how you fight,' rang true when more than 100 Marines and sailors with Battalion Landing Team 3/5, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, conducted their helo raid at night as a part of MEU Exercise, at Range 800, here, April 9.

Warriors in the Making (Part 3)

The Marines of Infantry Officers' Course performed a mountain attack in the culminating event during their Palm Field Exercise in the Combat Center's Bullion Training Area March 21, 2012.

Warriors in the Making (Part 2)

The lieutenants of the Infantry Officers' Course tackled Range 410A and developed their skills at assaulting entrenched positions March 17, 2012.

Warriors in the Making (Part 1)

Four Marines line a corner of a building. As one of them peek around, he spots someone dressed as a member of the Afghan Security Forces walking directly toward them. Something is not right. His helmet is off and he's not carrying a weapon. He isn't friendly.

Follow the leader

In Afghanistan, the Marine who goes first is the point man. He is the first to jump across a canal, enter a farm field and tread ground that is potentially laced with improvised explosive devices.

A Marine's Journal (Respect and Suspicion)

The explosion was loud, powerful and sudden. Instantly everyone in the Joint Operations Center (JOC) hit the floor–standard procedure for a potential rocket or mortar attack, but a new experience for me.

Afghans, Marines brighten horizons for young students

If it's one thing Cpl Joshua Brooks likes most about his deployment to Afghanistan, it's his visits to the school in Khan Neshin.

Faces of Transition (Passing the Torch)

A jagged line of boot prints ends at the edge of a dusty field tended by Afghan farmers, signaling the Marines have halted their patrol.

2nd Marine Division Making Mehraj Safe

Every drop of sweat from their foreheads cools their faces as Marines patrol through the Afghan heat. Every cautious step through the cratered terrain and dusty roads is a step closer to completing the mission. Every hour spent standing watch brings them closer to the sweet smell of home-cooked meals or catching the big game on a Monday night.

Toward the Sounds of Chaos

Marines are forged in the crucible of training in order to face down the threats of our time at a moment's notice.

Through the Eyes of Infantrymen

Infantry Marines deployed to Afghanistan endure trials that Americans unfamiliar with military life cannot begin to fathom.

They Made History

As the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, Montford Point Marines changed the face of the United States Marine Corps forever.

Marines observe 236 years of history

Marines and civilian-Marines from Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and Marine Corps Logistics Command, as well as other invited guests, celebrated the Marine Corps' 236th birthday, Nov. 10, at Darton College in Albany, Ga.

Tactical Leaders Course

The new Tactical Leaders Course at the Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest, teaches Afghan Officers how to better lead their troops. 

St Louis Semper Fi Swearing In Ceremony

Each year, the Semper Fi Society of St. Louis hosts an annual, all hands Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon.

Marines help repair school in Thailand

As the Thai people rebuild following the devastating floods, Joint U.S. Forces assist in repairing a school. Lance Cpl. Matheus Hernandez has more.

Recon Marines return from Afghanistan

Approximately 175 Marines and sailors with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion returned here from a deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Dec. 12.

Recruits gain confidence

When recruits come to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, they don't realize how many challenges they will face.

One Marine's journey from Alaska to Afghanistan

One Marine's decision to enlist took him from an icy landscape above the Arctic Circle to the dust-covered deserts of Afghanistan.

Birth of a motto

The phrase, "every Marine a rifleman" is so overused it's gone from motto to cliché, but if Cpl. Eric Ramirez has his way a new battle cry will emerge — every Marine an infantryman.

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232

VMFA-232 is the Corps' oldest active fighter squadron.  The squadron's mission is to provide expeditionary air support on short notice, around the world.

Recruit motivates platoon

A motivated recruit runs while yelling at the sound of his name coming from one of his drill instructors. Although the recruits are told from day one to be loud and motivated at all times, one stands out above the rest.

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