Phoenix Gears Up For Marine Week 2015

Phoenix Gears Up For Marine Week 2015

When Marines arrive, it's usually to help in adverse situations or lend a hand to those in need. But on September 10th, 2015, 700 Marines from around the country will arrive in Phoenix, Arizona for a very different reason. They'll be a part of Marine Week 2015, a four-day event being held in and around Phoenix designed to celebrate and at the same time, emphasize the importance of community, country and the Marine Corps. It also will give local residents a chance to interact and engage with Marines up close, learning about their roles, responsibilities and the requirements of becoming a United States Marine.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, at a press conference on August 11th, said the opportunity to host Marine Week is a great way to learn about the Marine Corps, and a great opportunity for the city.

"I think I speak for the entire valley when I say we appreciate this opportunity to learn more about our defenders of freedom, to meet them face to face, and to thank them for their service to country," he said. "Marine Week promises to be one of the most incredible hands-on events we have ever hosted in Phoenix."

Some of the week's featured events are Marine Corps Martial Arts and Marine Air Ground Task Force demonstrations, a concert from the Marine Corps Band, as well as exercises with Marine working dogs, a women's leadership symposium and a performance from one of the icons of Marine precision, the Silent Drill Platoon.

"Marine week is a very fun, exciting, and engaging week. You're going to meet some very impressive men and women," said Lauren Schulz, head of community relations for the Marine Corps' Office of Communication. "These Marines love their country, and are excited to meet you and share what they do for the [Marine] Corps."  

Now in it's sixth year, Marine Week has made previous stops in Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland and Boston. The selection of Phoenix was based in part on the Marine Corps' desire to interact in cities where they don't currently have a substantial footprint.

"We go to cities that don't have the opportunity to interact with their Marine Corps on a regular basis," Schulz said. "Phoenix is a great city, it's the capital of the state, it has a diverse population, and when you add the close proximity of the surrounding cities in the valley you get a bigger opportunity to engage different communities."

LtGen David H. Berger, commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, said Marine Week Phoenix was also a reflection of Arizona's commitment to the Marines.

"Currently there are more than 4,750 Arizonans serving on active duty in the Marine Corps from the great state of Arizona," he said. "These four days are our opportunity to share our heritage, our history and traditions of the Marine Corps with the great patriots of Phoenix."

In addition to the scheduled events around Phoenix, Marines will also be engaging with locals in Glendale, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale. Marines will also be supporting the community through a number of service projects, including cleaning up neighborhoods, restoring parks, and the creation of a mural. For more information, please visit the Marine Week website.