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MCB Camp Geiger

School of Infantry - East

Camp Geiger

Camp Geiger is a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. In use since 1953, Camp Geiger is home to the School of Infantry (SOI) in the Eastern Region. Camp Geiger is the next step for the Enlisted Marines trained at Parris Island. Marines who complete Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego move on to SOI West, located at Camp Pendleton, in Southern California.

Following recruit training and graduation, new Marines report to Camp Geiger for the School of Infantry (SOI).

  • Training at SOI ensures every Marine has the capability to fulfill his or her duties while operating in a combat environment.
  • SOI mantra: "Every Marine a rifleman."
  • SOI is made up of two schools: Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and Marine Combat Training (MCT).
  • Infantry Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) Marines are assigned to ITB, which instills all basic Infantry skills and some advanced infantry skills, for Marines who are going out to the fleet.
  • Non-infantry MOS Marines are assigned to MCT to hone all basic infantry skills.
  • The School of Infantry at Camp Geiger trains approximately 20,000 Marines each year.