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MCB Quantico, VA

The Crossroads of the Corps

Quantico, VA

Located in the Virginia woods along the Potomac River, Marine Corps Base Quantico is a base for Marine Corps training and leadership development. This is where young men and women attending college are transformed into Marine Officers. Some of the schools here include Officer Candidates School (OCS), The Basic School (TBS), the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Marine Corps University (MCU).

  • Quantico is home to Officer Candidates School (OCS). At OCS, candidates are trained and evaluated for leadership potential through an extremely challenging mental and physical process. Leadership, academics and physical training are all critical for success in OCS.
    • At OCS, college freshmen and sophomores go through two six-week training sessions over separate summers called the Platoon Leaders Class (PLC). Juniors go through one 10-week session of PLC.
    • College seniors and graduates attend OCC, a 10-week session following graduation.
    • Upon graduation of OCS, the new Marine Officer is offered a commission as a USMC Officer.
  • Quantico is home to The Basic School (TBS).
    • TBS is the next step for newly commissioned officers and consists of six months of intense leadership training.
    • The purpose of TBS is to train and educate newly commissioned or appointed officers in the high standards of professional knowledge, esprit-de-corps, and leadership required to prepare them for duty as company grade officers in the operating forces.
    • TBS emphasizes the duties, responsibilities and warfighting skills required of an infantry platoon commander.
  • Quantico is home to the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Marine Corps University (MCU).