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Embassy: Italy


In Italy, Marine Security Guards are assigned to the Embassy of the United States, which is housed in the Palazzo Margherita, Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome. The palace was constructed in 1890 for Prince Rodolfo Boncompagni Ludovisi of Piombino, but its excessive cost forced him to sell it to the Italian state. The palace became the residence of Queen Margherita until 1926. In 1931, it was acquired by the United States and placed on America's Register of Culturally Significant Property. Marine Security Guards (MSGs) protect American embassies and their diplomatic missions all over the world. Commanded by the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) in Quantico, Virginia, the mission of every MSG is to guard the embassy in order to provide protection for United States citizens and prevent the compromise of classified information and equipment that is vital to national security. Italy is a NATO ally and leading partner in the counterterrorism efforts of the United States. Italy hosts a number of U.S.Military forces with over 11,000 military personnel stationed there.

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