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Middle East


The Middle East is the front line of the Global War on Terror, and the Marine Corps has been at the forefront of action by providing substantial combat forces for both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While most deployments in the region are combat- or security-related, Marines participate in a number of roles. A Marine deployed in the Middle East may be called upon to act as a protector, instructor, leader, ambassador or all of the above. Afghanistan: As part of Operation Enduring Freedom, multiple Marine training teams are embedded with the Afghan National Army to train and mentor the force. They also engage in combat with insurgents as circumstances require. Marine forces also conduct counterinsurgency operations in order to provide security for the civilian population, and allow Afghan government and security forces to become established. Iraq: In support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, which ended in August 2010, Marines were called upon for various missions, including combat, training Iraqi security forces, supporting humanitarian efforts and protecting critical infrastructure. Iraq continues to be a key location for Middle Eastern security. Marines assist and train the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police in combat techniques, logistics, communications and intelligence, with the goal of enabling Iraqi forces to provide their nation's own security.

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