Roles in the Corps: Rotary-Wing and Tilt-Rotor Pilots

Overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Air Traffic Control Officer Officer as told by Marine Captain Hernandez and Marine Captain Paschedag.

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Marine Rotary-wing and Tilt-rotor Pilots fly aircraft in coordination with ground forces to execute the missions of the Marine Corps. These officers and the aircraft they command may be ship-based or shore-based. Marine Rotary-wing Pilots are engaged on the front lines in highly critical roles, including transportation of Marines, lethal air-to-ground firepower and lifesaving casualty evacuation. Tilt-rotor Pilots' missions mirror that of Rotary-wing Pilots, combining transport capability with speed capability similar to that of Fixed-wing Pilots.

In addition to flying their aircraft, pilots are assigned leadership positions within the squadron, such as Operations Officer or Maintenance Officer.

Because of the precise demands of the aircraft and their integral role, Marine Corps pilots undergo the longest and most extensive training in the Marine Corps.


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