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Huff: We know we are the best, and everyone should exude that same mindset.

Pierce: Bearing tells me a lot about the character of a Marine, whether they can show emotion at the right time and when it's acceptable and when it's not acceptable.

Smit: You know a Marine when you see a Marine. They hold their head high; they carry themselves with such confidence.

Fowler: Bearing was the first thing that I noticed about Joe when we first went to family day when he was graduating from boot camp. I had never seen him stand so straight, so attentive to every little fine detail, and I thought wow, that's pretty impressive.

Ottley: Everyone knows me as a Marine just by the way I walk, by the way I talk, by the way I carry myself in uniform. I'm very proud.

Faul: I can say without question that it's been a huge factor in the opportunities that I've had after I left the Marines.