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Becoming a Marine Officer

Petronzio: My job as an officer is to make sure that mission gets accomplished and to make sure that my young Marines are looked out for. You have to understand that coming out of OCS, Officer Candidates School.

Kroll: The purpose of Officer Candidates School is to train, screen and evaluate potential officer candidates for service as Company Grade Officer for the United States Marine Corps.

Orsmond: The candidates that we're looking for possess the raw material to become a Marine Corps Officer. So they have the moral fiber, the character and the physical attributes to conduct training here in Officer Candidates School, but also to go on and be a successful Company Grade Officer.

Akers: In order to become a Marine Officer, you must have a bachelor's degree.

McArthur: Marine Officers go to Officer Candidates School and Enlisted Marines go to Recruit Training.

Smith: More than anything we're looking for the same thing that we're looking for from Enlisted Marines. Marines that want to take on a challenge, that want to be put on the spot and expected to perform.

Larreur: OCS was the toughest training, and it was definitely one of the hardest things I had done up to that point in my life.

Akers: As an Officer you come in as a Second Lieutenant, and then usually after about two years you can expect to pick up First Lieutenant. After that it's up to how well you perform.

McArthur: Officers in the Marine Corps in general don't look at themselves as being here and Enlisted here, we're all the same; we're equal. That's very important that the young man or woman joining the Marine Corps understands that the individual that's leading them believes that they are no better or no worse.

Coughlin: It's a big responsibility to be a Marine Officer because your decisions directly impact the lives of your Marines.

Jarolimek: Every Marine Officer I've met leads by example. Whether it be morally, mentally or physically, they're some of the strongest people, smartest people and highest moral fiber that you're gonna find around with Marine Officers.