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Becoming an Enlisted Marine

Garcia: People should join the Marine Corps if they wanna defend their country. If they wanna be the first to fight. If they wanna make a difference in someone's life.

Horrocks: Before I joined the Marines I was definitely a kid, and the Marines definitely made me a man.

Marine: Enlisted Marines make up the majority of the Marine Corps.

Taylor: In order to enlist in the Marine Corps you must have a high school diploma and be at least 17 years of age.

Petronzio: The Marine Corps is not easy; it's gonna be hard, you're gonna show up to recruit training, and your lungs are gonna burn, your legs are gonna hurt, your gonna think I can't do this. And you're gonna look at the guy next to you, and you're gonna realize that you can.

Brooker: From the time the senior drill instructor gives his pick up speech to the time he dismisses them off the parade deck, the transformation from that day to graduation is huge.

Macea: Recruit training does to an extent prepare Marines for what they're gonna face because it gives them a good starting point, a good foundation and a good beginning for the Marine Corps.

Poulsen: Your first couple of years in the Marine Corps you're given a responsibility, and you're in charge of maybe one or two other guys pretty much right from the get go.

Long: Every Marine is a leader, but they're the, kind of the workforce of the military, you know the ones actually getting their hands dirty and taking care of the mission.

Durkin: The best suited to become an Enlisted Marine is definitely somebody who is strong willed, hard-minded, willing to take orders and obey them. But at the same time wanting to make the hard decisions on the ground. If you wanna be in the middle of the action then you need to go Enlisted.