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The Bond Between Marines

Hooge: Life in the Marine Corps is all about that, that fellow Marine. It's about your brother.

Wilson: The brotherhood in the Marine Corps is something that you can't really describe, you can only experience it.

Amick: It's all about teamwork, it's about sharing and doing everything together and getting the job done, and just so much satisfaction of getting it done together and getting it done correctly, and those are the things that I think stay with you for a long time.

Miller: I think the teamwork part of it came on strong because you were expected to perform as a team. You form friendships then that really lasted a lifetime; certainly for me and I think most Marines.

Aguirre: We see each other as family. We come from different ethnicities, different backgrounds and we all come and join together. We all start bonding from the very beginning we meet each other.

Kiester: You'll come to a squadron, you might know one or two people, but over time you end up developing relationships with all of the other Marines in that squadron. You definitely build a brotherhood between you.

Haynes: That's what the sisterhood and the brotherhood is about. It's about respect. It's about the fact that it's just like a family. It is a family.

Mireles: We are fighting a war for the man in the foxhole next to us. We may not know the Marine next to us, we may have never met him before, but knowing that we're Marines, that's what we're here for is for each other.

Trenum: It's a band of brothers that everyone cares about you, and no matter what is going on in your life they really do care, and they want to help you.

Grandprey: On the crew, the relationship that we share we have to be tight. If there's one piece that is missing from the puzzle, then the vehicle as a whole is going to fail. Everybody needs to be doing their part. In order to do that we have to maintain kind of a tight, close knit relationship.

Lopez: There's a bond there that isn't there with my friends. There's a closer bond that I have with him and the other Marines because they're the ones out there with me, they're the ones out there watching my back, and I'm out there watching theirs.

Draughon: Trust is a really big factor. Trust that your brother to your left and your right are watching your back no matter what. If you fall, you have a brother right there, another Marine, a fellow Marine, to help pick you up and continue on the fight.

Altrichter: You're gonna make some of the best friends that you'll ever have. You develop very tight relationships.

Hooge: You kind of bond in the relationship you form with these Marines. You can't get that anywhere else.

Foley: You wake up and every morning you put on the same emblem as the guys that were at Iwo Jima or in Korea or the Vietnam war, and every day it's a tribute to them to try and make yourself as good as they were, and at the same time surrounded by your best friends, guys who are willing to go do any adventure with you. You're doing it for the guys around you. Wherever you go you've always got your friends and your brothers there with you.