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CFT Maneuver Under Fire

On the command "Go," rise and sprint to the 25-yard line.
"J" hook turn around the marker then assume a high-crawl position and high crawl for 10 yards.
At the 35-yard line, execute a modified high crawl for 15 yards to the 50-yard line.
Sprint through the markers to the 75-yard line.
The simulated casualty will be seated at the 75-yard line with legs straight and forearms clasped together.
Upon reaching the simulated casualty, lift and drag the Marine 10 yards through the first two cones at the 65-yard line.
Once the feet of the simulated casualty have passed the second cone, the field monitor will direct, "Casualty stand."
Once up, lift the simulated casualty into the Fireman's Carry position.
Transport the simulated casualty 65 yards straight back to the starting line.
Stopping to rest and/or readjust is permitted.
Once the simulated casualty Marine is passed through the start line, place the Marine safely on the ground and lift two 30-pound ammunition cans.
Carry the ammunition cans back to the 75-yard line.
Place the ammunition cans next to the dummy grenade.
Pick up the dummy grenade and engage the grenade target from the standing position.
After the grenade is thrown, immediately drop to the deck and execute three pushups.
The grenade pit observer will signal a hit or miss.
After three push-ups, pick up the ammunition cans and return to the start line.
Your goal: complete the course as fast as possible.