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First Lieutenant Drexel King

My name is 1stLt Drexel King United States Marine Corps. I went to Ravenscroft School. Whenever I can come back and help out, I absolutely want to come back and help those guys out.

Rashawn coming back into our community after he has done so many things has been really wonderful, the kids respect him and they listen to him.

What inspired you to be a Marine?

I think it was the people. I've met a couple of marines and just their personality the type of person they were and the character they had, and I like the physical aspect of the Marine Corps.

The way Rashwan gives back is to connect with people. He just walks right in, he's always open to whatever happens, he is spontaneous, he's not stiff, he is welcoming. Anything the kids throw at him, he's there with the kids.

I just wanted to say that the letter that you sent back to me was one of the best things I've ever received and thank you.

I appreciate it and no thank you for sending your letter.

When you were in high school here at Ravenscroft, you did a lot for your community just right here on campus. Do you have any ways that they can start doing things right now, here?

Volunteering. There are lots of volunteer opportunities you can do. We used to feed the homeless at the homeless shelter downtown and like you guys did for me; you sent stuff over to the troops. That's all good stuff, stuff you can do to impact your community.

Even as a Marine, Rashawn gives advice that encourages the kids to give back to their community- that is really the biggest piece. He even redirects the fighting. You know sometimes the children think that the military is all fighting and Rashawn always brings it back around to, that is not his whole job, his whole job is to connect with people and to serve people and that grows out of his faith and his training in the Marines.  

The Marine Corps core values: honor, courage and commitment. I just try to embody those same things, 24/7. Honor, helping people and things like that, stepping up for people in need, keeping that integrity about you- and courage; to continue fighting the fight, whatever you are fighting.