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Captain Micah Hudson


I am Captain Micha Hudson, United States Marine Corps.  My MOS is 3404, financial management officer.  Day to day, my MOS is responsible for the financial resources that the taxpayer has entrusted to the Marine Corps.  My current post is-- as a defense fellow in Senator Feinstein's office, the senior senator from California.

My actual role in the senator's office is to give her an in depth look of how a bill or a law or any type of proposition in the senate or house of representatives is actually gonna affect the individual marine or soldier on the ground.  Every senator or congressman on the armed services committee generally has a defense fellow.

I've been fortunate enough to have surrounded myself by good people and be impacted by good leaders.  And I was able to pass that along to peers and subordinates alike.  Leadership's important.  A leader has to know what is needed and when it's needed to get the mission accomplished.  So, whatever decision I make is gonna impact that young marine sergeant or corporal, it's gonna impact their family, it's gonna impact their career, it's gonna impact the mission.

So, it's incumbent upon me to make sure that I put my best foot forward.  You go in there knowin' that you gotta accomplish the mission and knowin' you gotta take care of your marines.  And you're gonna return good marines back to society.  And you're gonna build quality NCOs and staff them NCOs if they stay in.