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Edwin Rasberry


My name is Edwin Aaron Rasberry.  I've known Micah Hudson since I believe he was-- Sergeant Hudson.  We've been friends for over 14 years now.  He's a very big part and positive part of-- of my life and a lifelong friend.  Micah's effect he's had on his friends or-- or people he's touched transcends various communities, from my son that he's impacted, with me, with my local capital league organization where we go out there and-- we basically take young men and we try to get 'em those skills they need to either further education or get the life skills needed to be positive, contributing members of society.


Sometimes, he has me tag along and talk to some of the kids.  Now, I don't know a lotta those kids, and if I can touch that one kid outta 50, if I can touch one, then I've done my job 'cause he's gonna take what I said and he's gonna touch another kid.  And he's gonna touch another kid, and he's gonna touch another kid.

I wanna leave young men and women I talk to that I'm really not different than they are.  And if I haven't taught them what I've learned, the mistakes I've made, I'm not doin' the community any favors.  So, I make sure what I say and what I do is right.


His leadership has been very important because without him takin' that time with me and pushin' me, I wouldn't be doin' what I'm doin' today.  And I'm creatin' leaders, as many as I can, as often as I can.  And I wouldn'ta been in a position to do that without Micah's leadership.