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Our Core Values

Booker: Honor, courage and commitment, those three core values are the heart and soul of the Marine Corps.

Andino: I've got them engraved in my heart. They're everything, they apply to everything in my life.

Collins: Marine Corps values are honor, courage and commitment. Honor is doing the right thing.

Colin: Honor the Corps, you know, and personal honor, honor in battle. And being able to make morally right decisions.

Woman: Honor is being completely honest in everything you do.

Man: As Marines we're held to a different standard than most people. We're expected to abide by that loyalty, that integrity.

Smith: By virtue of being a Marine, we realize that we're not here to be self-serving but to protect the sovereignty of the United States.

Fuller: Courage isn't the absence of fear but it's the will to push through that fear.

Acero: The value of courage as a Marine, it's physical, it's moral; there's more to it than just the word. It's definitely what's deep down inside of you. There's gonna come a point in time when you're gonna have to rely on on the courage and the courage alone.

Gogue: Commitment is going out there and giving your all in every aspect of your life because you know you're working for a greater purpose.

Von Kuhn: Commitment is displayed by your unselfishness and your loyalty to the Marines to your left and right, those above you, those below you.

Paschedag: When your life depends on the Marine next to you and their life depends on yours, that's what really ties us together and really keeps you focused and willing to, to fight to give your all to accomplish the mission.

Coughlin: That's how you have to life your life as a Marine. Twenty-four seven never going against what we preach as our, our Core Values. Honor, courage, commitment.