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Chantaca: Decisiveness is an important leadership trait in the Marine Corps because you have to be able to rapidly think on your feet and be able to accomplish any mission.

Bell: Sometimes you are faced with very challenging decisions in reference to your daily duties, in reference to what's right and what's wrong.

Seagrace: I'm always taking charge, I'm always the one that says, "You know what? I'll make the decisions, even if they're tough."

Irving: They depend on me. I'm their Platoon Sergeant. I've got to lead them through it.

Whang: You not only have to think in terms of the mission that you have to carry out; you're also constantly thinking about the safety of your Marines.

Male: Do you understand?

Male: Yes sir.

Ottley: When you're faced with a decision, you have to make a decision, right, wrong or indifferent. The worst decision in the world is to do nothing.

Kuhn: The decisions that you make are true life and death decisions, and the decisiveness that you get as a Marine, it absolutely will last with you forever.