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Marine Corps Benefits: Education

Kristen Lasica: "Some Marines may come in after college, some come in with college degrees, some come in because they tried college and decided, aw, this isn't for me now, I'm gonna take a break. But when they're here in the Marine Corps, many finish their college degrees, they go on to get Master's degrees, they continue will all different types of education throughout the time that we're here." 

Edwin Pena: "I can use myself as an example. I'm a kid from the projects in Brooklyn. And through the Marine Corps I've been able to get my Bachelor's degree, and that alone broadened my horizons, and let me see what, what else there was out there in the world to do." 

Jon Hooge: "While you're on deployment, you can take history classes, psych classes, Spanish, math. I mean, any college course you want to take." 

Gilberto Nevarez: "This is the best place to explore the opportunity to go to class. Right now I'm taking three college courses myself. Um, a couple credits shy of my Associate's degree in accounting. And, uh, just last year, I acquired a real estate license." 

Sharla Shima: "I do go to College Park University. I am working on my Human Resources Management degree." 

Ryan Owens: "It goes beyond college also. Uh, currently, uh, we are looking into getting some of my shop, uh, looking into getting our Cisco, uh, certification classes and Microsoft certification classes." 

Jeff Branch: "Was I surprised about the continuing educational opportunities for Marines? I'm just overwhelmed by it, and so many of them that we talked to that are taking advantage of it." 

Edwin Pena: "I just finished doing my Master's degree in Information Technology, and I'm, uh, in charge of a satellite communications project. I could tell you right now there's very few people from my neck of the woods that have had that opportunity."