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Ottley: Anything I do I do with enthusiasm. The way I speak. I speak enthusiastically so that my message is passed on to those who I want it to be passed on to, and they obtain the same level of enthusiasm.

White: Having enthusiasm in your unit and having the enthusiasm around the recruits is awesome because it spreads that motivation to them and encourages them to want to keep going and stay in the fight.

Poulsen: Enthusiasm. It spreads like wildfire and people see it. If you're showing that you're not enthusiastic about a certain task that was given to you, it's going to come across as that particular task maybe not being as important as another one, which is definitely not the case because everything we do as Marines is extremely important.

Fuller: Marines are the few and the proud. We take the individuals who have the mindset to push no matter what, who want this no matter what.

Long: If you come out here, and you don't love being a Marine, and you don't know what you're doing, you're not going to be successful.

Faul: We have our good days, and we have our challenging days and being able to maintain that poise and enthusiasm really sets a hugely important tone for the rest of the organization.

Male: 12 weeks, this is it gents and it's over. Do not hold anything back.

Group: All right sir.

Male: Well, let's go.

Group: All right sir.