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Ghee: You aren't going to have anyone looking over your shoulders telling you what to do and how to do it and when to do it every time.

Irving: Your commander will task you to do something. He won't give you specifics, but he'll just say in general, "Hey, get this done," and leaves it up to you.

Booker: Even out in the civilian world at jobs, people want to be led, but nobody wants to lead. But we teach our recruits once they become Marines, they lead.

Faul: When I think about the people that really stood out in my time in the Marine Corps, or the people that stand out now in my current job, it is people who move quickly and are willing to take the initiative, to identify a problem and an issue and step up to be proactive to go solve it.

Roski: You need to be able to see what the challenge is, and you take on the responsibility of that challenge and use your initiative to accomplish it.