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Argyro: Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking, being able to follow through.

Counselman: That sense of doing what's right is something that the Marine Corps instills in you from the very first moment.

White: Recruits look up to drill instructors on a daily basis. If we're setting the example by having integrity, they're going to follow suit.

Fowler: He's always had high integrity, but I think the Marine Corps, again, was able to build upon that, because it is part of the Marine Corps culture.

Booker: I teach these recruits how to be better sons, better brothers, better uncles, just better people in general.

Smit: He is a leader in the Marine Corps, and he is a leader in our family 24/7, whether he's in uniform or not. He shows integrity every day in everything that he does.

Argyro: We're role models. When we do the right thing over there, the civilian populace sees it, and they know that we're there to help and not to hurt.

Paulsen: It's just going to make them a better Marine, better leader, and just a better overall person.