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Chantaca: The more you know, the better off you are. Marines go out and fight wars, and their lives depend on the ability to know what they're doing.

Irving: I can train my Marines, and they can learn from what I know, and hopefully they'll strive to want to seek out more knowledge to make them better and more proficient at their jobs.

Fuller: I didn't know what situation I was going to be in before we went to combat. I wanted to be 100% prepared. I took my own time every day to study everything I possibly would have to know.

Male: Adapt, achieve and overcome, right?

Group: Yes sir.

Morataya: You give them all the tools. Once they go out there and they apply them, and their success is what makes us proud.

Macea: My MOS in the Marine Corps right now is a motor transport maintenance chief. Initially I had no idea about mechanics, so I started to learn. I started to learn how to turn a wrench; I started to learn how to drop a fuel tank, and that helped me to progress as I went on in the Marine Corps.

Ramirez: They become successful, they become people that you want to hire, that you want to run businesses.

Morataya: A well-informed Marineā€”I mean that's golden.