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Marine Corps Benefits: Leadership Skills

Carter: Any Marine from Private all the way to Commandant of the Marine Corps … you can look at a Marine and say that, "There's a guy I can count on, and he has a very good base of leadership and some qualities about him that would be successful in any part of the world."

Branch: My feelings and opinions about the Marine Corps now are that, you know, their number one objective is to train leaders as we witnessed from the General all the way down; they're very complimentary about the people who work underneath them. It's not all about me, I'm the big dog, I'm the bad dog, and you know, everybody else below me does what I say. They're very complimentary; they work to build leaders and to build them from the bottom up.

Firestone: The Marine Corps' version of leadership is leadership by example. If you're going to be a Noncommissioned Officer, if you're going to make Corporal in the Marine Corps, you know every job for everyone under your command. If you're going to make Sergeant, you're going to know what every Corporal is capable of doing.

Morgan: Leadership is a lifestyle. The Marine Corps, every level of the organization, they're growing and developing leaders. I wasn't exactly sure, in reflection, what this Marine Corps experience would be for me, but then I started working in the private sector, immediately experienced success, and it wasn't because of my technical job-related training; it was actually because the leadership skills that I learned during my time in the Marine Corps.