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Roles in the Corps: Logistics

Roquemore: My name is Tyler Roquemore. I'm a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I am a Well Deck NCO, that is a non-commissioned officer. The well deck is the lower portion of the ship where we keep all the Humvees and QUADCONs which are storage units and anything for support equipment. In the logistics field, we make sure that everybody has everything they need, whether it's food, whether it's tools, vehicles, more personnel, anything like that we make sure they get it quickly. The skills we need in logistics are a lot of times common sense. Just look at things and knowing how they need to go together. Definitely leadership, knowing how to help everybody else out. We work with embark reps from the unit. They're telling us what we need to have, where they need their stuff put. We make sure that everybody has everything they need, make sure that everything is where it needs to be and that it's easily accessible by those who need it. Personal success defined for me is definitely when we get everything loaded up and everything is done and everything is chained down, you look across and you're like, we did that, I mean, we got all these vehicles, all this equipment down there and it's all organized and put where it's supposed to be like we did that. The same thing when they go on a mission or they leave or something, we get the boats loaded up and they take off and come back and mission accomplished. You get everything loaded back up and it's very motivating. The responsibilities that I've come across as a NCO would definitely be with the Marines, leading them, learning from them as much as they learn from me, making sure that they're learning the right things from me. I'm leading by example. Once you get in, it's definitely a great learning experience. It's very enjoyable. On deployment last year in Iraq, we learned a lot about the people there. We learned a lot about each other, because you get very close with the people you're out there with. You definitely learn a lot of things about them, you definitely grow stronger together.