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First Lieutenant Emanuel K. Baning

My name is First Lieutenant Emanuel K. Baning. I sought a commission in the Marine Corps because I wanted to lead Marines. I wanted to make a difference; something that, that would really make me push myself to my limits and extend my limits even further.

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As an officer you have to restrain yourself and stand back and, and watch, and just set out guidance and make sure it gets done; a "supervisional" role, if you will.

Seeing that really shapes what I wanted to do and my decision to commission. I had to decide what I wanted to do; what I was trying to accomplish. I needed to, to really think about the affects I was having on myself and on my family. I would recommend the Marine Corps to a young man or woman preparing for their future because it builds; it pushes you to your limits; uh, it gives you an understanding of self, of other people, and, and also where you want to go. It gives you everything you need to set you up for success. And if you go through it and, and know you can do the Marine Corps thing, uh, you can do anything.

I was in the Marine Corps prior to commissioning. From then I entered the MECP program, uh, the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program, got my degree, and, and from there became commissioned.

Schoolhouse can tell you anything, but it's nothing like stepping into the office and stepping in front of those Marines for the first time. The good thing about being a Marine Corps Officer is you can be put in any situation and be able to adapt and overcome. We have to be flexible. And being in that flexibility enables you to, to be put in any position.

Being a Marine is a 24-7 job, and leading Marines is even more.

My role as an Enlisted man definitely helped because I understood from both sides how the Marine Corps worked. I, I just did not see if from the Enlisted side or the Officer's side. I took both sides into consideration. I knew what my men could do, and I knew what to put on them. It never shuts off. I put on these "Cammies" with a, a large sense of pride, uh, to myself, for my unit, for my country and my Marines.

We need the Marine Corps in today's world because it stands as a pillar of strength, uh, a pillar of discipline. And, and everything that is encompassed in those things. Honor, courage, commitment. That's what we stand for.